Sunday ride to Madhugiri

October 3, 2010

Sunrise rides are too early for a few folks…so we decided to ride and let the Sun come up and greet us while we’re on our way to Madhugiri Betta, the second largest monolithic hill in India, some even argue this is the largest in Asia but who are we to know. A trek to the fort up on the hill for those with an itchy wanderer’s foot and back to madness by the afternoon. That’s the plan. Ride free. Pay as you go. Eat as you want. Cannot drink as you want though as Road Veda follows a strict no alcohol on the rides policy.

Departure point: Coffee Day on Mosque Road / Coles road junction in Fraser Town, Bangalore
Meeting time: 0430 hrs
Departure time: 0500hrs

Clothing / gear: Helmets, riding jackets and boots are compulsory. No sandals, flip flops on the bikes please. Save those for Goa. It might be slightly chilly in the morning on the highway but will get hotter as the Sun comes up, so layering is the key word.

Tools / bikes: Riders are advised to fill fuel, air and get their bikes in order before they assemble at Coffee Day. Empty bladders help you go the distance so that’s advisable too. There will be no back up car this time so the riders should assemble a basic first aid kit and carry it on the bike.

Confirmation: Please mail your name, bike no, contact no, emergency contact no and blood group, in that order to or

Ride Safe