This is the Road Veda playlist – a work in progress.  Everyone gets to suggest one song, so add a comment or get in touch or give us your song on the next ride. 

Yeh Dosti – Gaurav Rao

Zombie, the Cranberries – Kartik Jadhav

Maria, Blondie – Joel John

I believe I can fly – Neha Goel

Run Through The Jungle, CCR – Gautam Kotamraju

Desert Rose, Sting – Aparna Thakur

Dhoom – Bibhuti Jha

Hetten Des, Big River – Manuel Baumann

Outlaw Torn, Metallica – Frith Kenny

Danzig-Thirteen – Skandan Ganesh

Born to Follow, the Byrds – Kevin Oldfield

Born to Be Wild – Pamela Holm

Road to Hell, Chris Rea – Vishy Kuruganti

AC/DC, Big Gun – James Anderson

Motorcycle Man, Saxon – Duncan Ward

Dancing with Qaddafi, Infected Mushroom – Tom Ansell


5 Responses to “Road Veda Playlist”

  1. Adeeb ulla shareiff said

    Maria, Blondie – adeeb

  2. Manuel said

    HETTEN DES!!! Pls vote it in! 😉 Cheers!

  3. Bibhuti said

    Dhoom would be my preference too.

  4. James Anderson said

    Song suggestion from me is:-

    Big Gun – AC/DC
    The Conversation is Over – Biffy Clyro


  5. Syed Tanveer Ahmed said

    Yeh Dosti – Gaurav Rao
    I believe I can fly – Neha Goel

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