Naveen Jangid

March 5, 2010

The Baale Mane charity ride was for us a riding high of a different
nature.  It was less about the freedom of hitting the road than the feel
good factor that overflowed from the 70 plus bikes that day.  We came
away from the ride buoyed up by the sheer enthusiasm of each rider and
the excitement of the girls. 

On 20th February, many of us were brought face to face with the darkest
side of biking.  Naveen Jangid, a professional Bullet dirt track racer
who had ridden with us at a far more sedate pace than usual that day,
is no more with us. He died on Mysore highway as he headed back into Bangalore. Another victim on the (not so) great Indian highways.
Road Veda would like to dedicate the Baale Mane charity ride to Naveen’s
memory.  Let that happy Sunday morning eclipse the terrible darkness of
the accident.


2 Responses to “Naveen Jangid”

  1. Danish said

    Hadn’t known Naveen personally or even met him socially before the ride, but knew him from the clubs and events. Had also seen him in action, a fabulous rider, and for him to join on without prior information was neat. Last we saw of him was horsing around at the parking lot, and the next we hear of the tragic accident. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

  2. Adnan said

    I had known Naveen for quite some time now, being a Roadshaker and hanging out at the same garage until I moved to another chop shop.
    I met Naveen after 5 odd months at the bale mane ride, and we both went out our old way of greeting “Abbey teri behen ki…, kaha tha maadare”.
    Probably it was fate that I was to meet him one last time before his happy soul goes to a better place, though I wish it could have lasted longer and I had continued on to Opus instead of rushing back home.
    Naveen will always been in our thoughts and am sure he looks upon us and gives that cheap smile of his 🙂

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