Naveen Jangid

March 5, 2010

The Baale Mane charity ride was for us a riding high of a different
nature.  It was less about the freedom of hitting the road than the feel
good factor that overflowed from the 70 plus bikes that day.  We came
away from the ride buoyed up by the sheer enthusiasm of each rider and
the excitement of the girls. 

On 20th February, many of us were brought face to face with the darkest
side of biking.  Naveen Jangid, a professional Bullet dirt track racer
who had ridden with us at a far more sedate pace than usual that day,
is no more with us. He died on Mysore highway as he headed back into Bangalore. Another victim on the (not so) great Indian highways.
Road Veda would like to dedicate the Baale Mane charity ride to Naveen’s
memory.  Let that happy Sunday morning eclipse the terrible darkness of
the accident.