Baalemane Charity Ride

January 11, 2010

To register email – registration closes at 100 bikes


Capture Crew are making a film of this ride.  Send us your song suggestions for the soundtrack and everyone will vote on the day of the ride.

Pre-ride drop in for all riders – hand over your donation and we’ll give you a flag, a briefing and possibly a beer in return.  7-10pm Friday 29th at 14 Naina Terraces, 159 Richmond Road – behind Kids Kemp on MG Road

Article in the Deccan Chronicle – DC article

Fastrack confirm sponsorship

Opus agrees to a special price of Rs. 550 plus tax (instead of Rs.888 plus tax)

Masters Management Consultants pledge a year’s worth of educational materials for girls in 8th-10th standard

Yogesh Bhandari and Rotract team up to provide an annual supply of sanitary napkins to the orphanage

Nike agrees to donate basket balls

Economic Transport Organisation will be sending their trucks to collect and deliver donations and gifts to Baale Mane

Metro Monkey, Road Veda’s online partner, features the ride:

Alpha Relations has pledged 10,000 for two months worth of vegetables

The New Indian Express features the ride:

Gayatri International donates educational materials for a year for girls in 1st-7th standards – thank you Alpesh and colleagues

Road Veda is organising a charity ride for a girls’ orphanage on Sunday January 31st. This ride will give you a chance to improve a girl’s life, by applying your mind and heart to her cause. Donations are welcome in kind (and can be selected from the list given below) – they will go a long way to making this orphanage a more livable space. There is no minimum and certainly no maximum. From a single spoon to a whole wardrobe, anything that will help us improve how the girls live is very welcome. Please note that the amount listed beside each item is the total number required; you may want to give two of the 50 light bulbs needed or one mattress from the 12 on the list. Riders can also  give specific cash amounts for particular expenses – such as a month’s vegetable supply – as listed below the ‘donations in kind’  list.

It will be a fun ride of almost 100kms outbound, through big highways, narrow country lanes and well paved and winding state highways. The return journey will be just 30kms, to Opus where beers and mojitos flow freely and a sumptuous brunch awaits us.

Once an item has been selected by a rider or group it will be marked as such on the list so we don’t end up with 500 plates and no mattresses….  All gifts/donations can be handed over to the Road Veda truck which will come to fetch them at a time and place convenient to you or dropped off on 29th Jan as above in red. All contributions in cash will be exempt from income tax up to 50% of the value of the donation or as specified in the IT act, section 80G.

The aim is to get 100 bikes, both Royal Enfields and other classic bikes. Please do join us.

To register: Venetia (+91 99723 05440) or Gautam (+91 99455 33440)

For donations (both selecting and the Road Veda truck): Krunal (+91 97399 77379)

If you’re a corporate/group: Kabir (+91 93425 34027) or Puja (+91 90083 16820)

For logistics: Gaurav (+91 99012 22077)

For more about Baalemane: Bella (+91 95386 91370)

List of items for donations in kind:

In Kind      
Kitchen Equipment Plates with a thick lip Steel thali with rim 70
  Glasses Steel 70
  Pressure Cooker 5 litres 3 1 remaining
  Sambar Vessels 10 kgs 1
  Plastic Storage Drum 400 kgs 1
  Chombu (water jugs) Steel 5
  Storage Boxes for grains Steel 10 kgs 10
  Cutting Knives   10
  Vessel Stand   2
  Plate Stand   3
  Vessels for tea Preparation 3 litres and 2 litres 2
  Plastic Storage Drum 100 kgs 1
  Plastic Storage Drum 50 kgs 1
  Banali / kadai – vessel for frying items such as bonda and palya. 3 litres 3
  Plastic Drums 30 kgs 5
  Tiffin Boxes big enough for lunch 52
  Big stirring spoons 3 feet 3
  Mixer for chutney   1
  Dosa Thava Big 1
  Chappathi Thava Big 1
  Chopping  Boards   10
  Strainer for tea aluminium small 2
  Community Rice Preparing Vessel (donga) 15 kg 2
  Trays   4 2 remaining
Others Floor mat (Chatai,) for children (individual)   70
  Warm bed blankets Single beds 70
  Single Mattresses Cotton  (6ft x 3ft) 12
  Bed sheets Single beds 70 50 remaining
  Bicycles with inner tubes   20
  Light Bulbs CFL bulbs 60Volts 100
  Music Player with CD and cassette   1
  UPS system with battery for computer room   1
  Girls clothes Ages 6 – 17yrs  
  Metal buckets 5litres 20
  Mugs   50
  Alarm Clocks   3
  Bathroom Stands   6
  Whiteboard   2
  Mirror   3
  Computer   1
Healthcare Lice shampoo 100ml 52
  Face Cream    
  Soap Lifebouy 580 473 remaining
  Tooth Mugs   52
  Soap Boxes   52 37 remaining

List for donations in cash

In Cash        
EDUCATION 8th – 10th Standard Educational Materials 1 year 20 19 remaining 4602
  5th – 7th Standard Educational Materials 1 year 25 13 remaining 2404
  1st – 4th Standard Educational Materials 1 year 15 11 remaining 1989
FOOD Vegetables 2 months   10,000
  Eggs 2 months   2,400
  Fruit 1 month   4000
  Meat 1 month   4000
  Milk 1 month   5580
  Rations 1 month   25000
OTHER Cooking Gas 1 month   2800


2 Responses to “Baalemane Charity Ride”

  1. venetiaansell said

    Fastrack has stepped in to help us spread the word!

  2. Tom Ansell said

    My suggestion for the tune: Dancing with Kadafi, Infected Mushroom….it is a tune that has a proper journey.

    A wholesome day out making giving a whole load of fun. Enjoy bulleteers with love from chilly england.

    Safe riding

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