Coffee, snakes and sea

December 5, 2009

For once in my life, I was in no hurry to land up in Goa, courtesy Road Veda. I joined a Bullet bike ride from Bangalore to Goa and as the only pillion rider amongst the bunch I was by default the official photographer for the trip.

I could go on endlessly about the trip, so to save everyone from my level of enthusiasm, I’ll just share some ‘bullets’ from the trip:

– We landed at a hotel at 11 pm on the first night to just crash for a few hours and take off again. We must have presented quite a sight to the staff of the hotel.  With bikes, luggage, jackets and helmets they thought they were being attacked by naxalites!! We were wondering why they were being hesitant to open the gates for us. We found out the reason the next morning…. wow!!!

– The yum! Breakfast with poori aloo and umpteen glasses of coffees at Woodways, a quaint getaway in the midst of a coffee plantation estate in Chikmaglur

– We caught a nice sunny afternoon to pelt the ghats. It was the best part of the ride. We were doing the curves of the ghats, with the sun streaming through the tall trees, crossing small villages, happy breeze.

 Only as evening and the clouds approached, we had to make a quick run to finish the ghats and catch the sunset.

– Venetia spotting a big black snake somewhere in the ghats. All the rest of us missed it.

–  We wanted to catch the sunset on Kundapura beach. We had to zip through the last stretch of

 the cliffs of Agumbe and ride to catch the sunset.  We could see the orange ball of fire and chased it through the fields and narrow tracks.  Just about made it to the sea as it was going in the water.

– The night dip at the almost private beach at the Kundapura beach house where we stayed for the night.

– The next morning, the highway ride along the coastline with the sea on one side and the lake on the other.

– The first glimpse of Karwar – the blue sea and all the boats/ships stationed there.

– Our innumerable stops for chai, biscuits, smokes and pee breaks.

One of the best trips I’ve had.  Every time Road Veda announces the next ride all I can think is – damn!! I’m missing this one !!!!!!

Sarika Grover – Delhi


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