Road Veda 00

4am on a Sunday morning.   With only the coffee-wallas for company, 36 Bullets assemble on Bangalore’s MG Road for the launch of Road Veda.  By the time the sky is beginning to turn a slightly lighter shade of black, the bikes are zooming down the highway, engines a-thump and headlights ablaze.  After a right hand turn onto a small village road, the red-glowing sun appears just at the edge of the horizon and suddenly it is light and it is morning.


At the top of the huge boulder that is Ramadevarabetta – Ramadevara hill – the sun glances off the pockets of mist that shroud the jungle-boulder landscape below.


In the early morning sun the riders cross over to the curving lanes that encircle Kanva Reservoir, drinking in the scenery as the road crosses over rivers, through banana plantations and up and down lanes arched with bright green palm trees.

Road Veda 25

Emerging out of the lush greens of the reservoir, another huge boulder appears up ahead guiding the riders through a maze of criss-crossing paths. 


Past the silk cocoon screens

long weekend

and perigrine sheep


and finally onto Magadi Road and back to Bangalore.


A long lazy brunch at Opus brings the ride and the day to a close.


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Road Veda would like to thank:

Ramanan Subramani – Jaalasthaana-chitrakaara

Murtu Lokhandwala – Bhaachitraka and Caturcakra-sampaadaka

Varun Sharma – Prasiddhi-aakhyaayaka

Meghna Khanna – Prasiddhi-sahaayaa

Kabir and Puja Bhasin – Dvichakra-sampaadakau

Chandan Chandrashekhar – Dvichakra-sampaadaka